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Native Cigarettes is an independently owned and operated small business. The mission of the platform was designed to lower COVID-19 exposure within communities, promote public health initiatives, support economic growth, and help diminish illicit sales of Tobacco. As a young first nation entrepreneur, these inspirations were used to innovative an e-commerce system that facilitates the sale of tobacco products online and in accordance to local, provincial, and federal laws. 

With Covid-19's spread within communities across the globe, individuals, teams, organizations, enterprises, municipalities, and governments responded by developing strategic methods to limit the spread and exposure to the pathogen. My local community is very susceptible to Covid-19, especially being involved in tobacco retail as this is a high volume industry. Recognizing a safety issue within not only my own but other communities, I developed a system which eliminates in person contact and lessens the exposure for all parties involved. Our system succeeds in lowering amounts of high risk consumers traveling to high risk indigenous communities and the essential stores within them that conduct tobacco retail such as convenience and fuel businesses.

"Healthy communities lead to brighter opportunities" -Allyssa, Owner

On reserve and off reserve indigenous populations have a high smoking rate. Knowing the high risk health dangers of smoking poses as a public health risk and as an organization, inspired us to help people quit smoking. We are working with willing partners to provide to consumers an algorithmic schedule to Quit Smoking resources. Within some communities tobacco retail could be considered creating or evoking a sense of glamour, idolizing, popularizing tobacco retail and consumption. By converting the physical traffic to virtual traffic would the lower the popularity of these destinations. This can assist in lowering the awareness or habit to tobacco related travel and lower the future rates of on and off reserve tobacco consumption. Our intent is to utilize our industry expertise to work cooperatively and support local community health initiatives/requests. 

Our organization intends to create economic growth, by supporting the local tobacco allocation system without creating a heavy local infrastructure burden and risks associated with high volume of tobacco related traffic that comes with operating a physical retail location. We also have more potential reach to off reserve indigenous people, and operate more efficiently then traditional shopping. Future goals of logistics industry development such as warehousing, international business, and drop shipping provincial expansion.

Another high risk present issue our business model seeks to eliminate is contraband tobacco. Unregulated, and highly illegal black market dealers and organized crime pray on consumers of tobacco products, including indigenous people in areas of Canada where access is limited. Our business model provides a sophisticated level of regulated tobacco product accessibility that curbs the contraband tobacco market out of price, product, placement and promotion.

Being a regulated retailer was our first priority, it ensures we are doing our due diligence in a future marketplace. So our innovative system was developed in accordance and compliance of the following applicable local, provincial, and federal policies and acts.

  • First Nations Cigarette Allocation System

  • Dropshipping Act

  • Excise Act

  • Ontario Tobacco Tax

  • Tobacco and Vaping Products Act

  • Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act

  • Ontario Electronic Commerce Act 

  • Ontario Consumer Protection Act 

  • Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce 

  • Canada Anti-spam Law 

  • Modernizing Ontario for People and Businesses Act

As Human beings speaking from the heart we give a huge, warm thanks to all our Supports, Customers, Partners, and Communities.



Without you, our efforts for Brighter Opportunities, would be meaningless. 

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