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The top 7 best native cigarettes list for 2021

With over 10 years of native cigarette sales experience, our list of The Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes for 2021 is as follows:


1. Canadian Goose Cigarettes

Our number one pick for the top 7 best native cigarettes is the cigarettes sold under the brand name Canadian Goose. Canadian goose provide tobacco consumers with a moment to savor. each puff is a breath of refinement. Canadian goose cigarettes have a pleasant tobacco blend. They are worth trying as your next stimulating smoke. Canadian Goose cigarettes are easily recognizable with their very gold packaging and contrasting trademark Canadian Goose Symbol. these Canadian Goose cigarettes are easy to identify and give a real glamourous look to it's holders. Coming packaged in carton sizes or individual packs Canadian Goose are offered in king size with a light or full flavor. You can buy Canadian Goose Cigarettes from our Website at This is why we rank Canadian Goose Cigarettes as the number 1 on our Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes as our overall review of our exceptionally priced premium cigarette.

2. Elite Cigarettes

Elite's come in at our number 2 spot on our Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes List. Elite Cigarettes deliver an elegant experience to pair with your best moments. Elite cigarettes have a savory blend that all levels of tobacco consumers have enjoyed. For the distinguishable smokers Elite Cigarettes come in over 7 different options for all to enjoy. Ultra lights are a very popular selection with Elite Cigarettes as they are the lightest, smoothest smoke; giving consumers a fresh feeling session. the Elite move up from their with their smooth charcoal filter option, minty menthols, along with two different light and full flavor blends. Elite cigarettes are relatively a new brand that is crafted with Elite intentions. It starts with the packaging, but translates all throughout the experience right down to the very last drag. We have Elite Cigarettes listed on our number 2 spot on our Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes as the Elite cigarettes command the consistency and value we seek in a premium cigarette. You can find Elite Cigarettes sold in Cartons for Superb value. Elite Cigarettes come rolled in King Size specialty pemability papers & 100% Canadian Organic Tobacco. So if your interested in trying high Class Elite Cigarettes, check out our products page at

3. BB Cigarettes

Waltzing to the third rank on our Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes listed. BB Cigarettes are best described to shine through a crowded room into a league of their own. BB Cigarettes are like a lost fancy relic, they can be said to represent the long history of craftsmanship and from our review they have certainly conquered. For starters, BB Cigarettes have a high density, thicker, quality rolling paper alongside a slightly denser filter. BB cigarettes have a more concentrated and and fine cut tobacco which really creates a luxurious appeal oppose to other brands. Lastly they have a fun and elegant design. If there was any cigarette to be the "Hollywood Cigarette," This would be the brand. BB Cigarettes are for that larger than life tobacco consumer, what we would call a main character or lead movie actor. Try a BB Cigarette for an artistic, classy, refined drag experience. BB Cigarettes come in a crystal blue Full Flavor and an eye catching Light gold packaging sure to catch the appeal of any philanthropist. Considering BB Cigarettes are such a starlet, it is the reason why we ranked BB Cigarettes number 3 on the Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes list. BB Cigarettes are sold in King Size by the carton (10 Packs of 20 cigarettes) by the carton. Online shipped to your door in as fast as 3 days from our products page at

4. Canadian Cigarettes

Canadian Cigarettes are ranked in at number 4 on our Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes list. Canadian Cigarettes have been in the Spotlight for over a decade. Canadian Cigarettes have a signature flavor and smoke viscosity for a hearty full drag in every puff. Canadian Cigarettes possess a very distinguishable tobacco blend and is well frequented by northern tobacco consumers. Packs come with a familiar straight to the point arrow making them look sophisticated and developed. There are six different varieties offered by Canadian Cigarettes that cover full spread of popular cigarette options. Canadian Cigarettes come in: Charcoal Smooth, Charcoal Full Flavor, Ultralight, Light, Menthol, and Full Flavor. All cigarette smokers can delight in a Canadian Cigarettes and easily transition into this brand as a go to choice. This cigarette offers value in King Size Premium Tobacco filtered Cigarettes sold in cartons. Smoke a genuine product of Canadian Culture found only in a Canadian made Cigarettes. For these reasons, Canadian Cigarettes are placed number 4 in our Top 7 Native best Cigarettes. If your interested in trying this popular brand, check out our shop at

5. DK Cigarettes

DK Cigarettes come in at number 5 on our Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes list. DK Cigarettes have a bold blend and offer consumers a stout smoking session. These Native Cigarettes contrast themselves from other brands with the unique strapping, solid, and well-built unique strength of the tobacco blend. DK Cigarettes find themselves at number 5 on the list as they contend themselves with international brands on all levels of the smoking trifecta. As a distinguished smoker, you'll be able to recognize the premium bold flavour of the DK Cigarette and understand why so many people choose these as their choice cigarette. If you are looking to taste and feed that lasting, exhilarating feeling from taking a big puff with your current cigarette, we would recommend a pairing of a solid DK Cigarette. DK Cigarettes are offered in Full Flavour and Light breathtaking options. DK Cigarettes are sold in King Size by 200 Cigarettes in a Carton. You can find this secure, tenacious, vivid DK Cigarette on our Website at

6. Playfare Cigarettes

Coming in at number 6 are Playfares Cigarettes. recent to voyage market, the little Indigenous person seen canoeing across the front of the deep blue full flavour, cream white light, and lettuce green menthol packaging is sought out by tobacco consumers alike. Playfares cigarettes have be quietly coasting up the list for their popular taste and elegant look. from the very first flit to the last haul Playfare Cigarettes provide a Premium puff and smooth flowing taste. You can find Playfare Cigarettes sold in Cartons for for smooth sailing. Playfare Cigarettes come rolled in King Size. So if your interested in embarking on a journey with Playfare Cigarettes, view our products page at

Discounts Cigarettes are swooping in at number 7 on our Top 7 Best Native Cigarettes list. Discount Cigarettes come in true to their name and bring their consumers back to a simpler time when they had their first tobacco encounter. Discount cigarettes come in a likeable Light and faithful Full Flavor that host a consistency and quality rolled King Size Cigarette with a mild tobacco blend. With a gentle tasting puff and a reasonably expected drag. Discount Cigarettes surprises most consumers when they are finding themselves switching to this boon companion as the mild taste makes it a perfect fit for a evening sidekick or daily chum. You can find Discount Cigarettes hanging out ready to kick it at your house in as little as 3 days or less shipped to your door in King Size by the carton.


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