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What’s it like to be a Cigarettes seller(a.k.a Smoke Shop Girl)

From stocking the shelves, to meeting the most interesting peoples, smoke shop labour was always entertaining.

The clients always as colourful as their packs of Dk's and the business never a dull moment. Especially on cheque days all the crowds of Candians would roll into the community and the registers would be burning. "Playfare please...I need to make this paycheque last!"

They would pay their friends $20, $40, sometime even $100 in gasoline just to get out here to purchase the "Cheap cigarettes"

the customers would come and go as fast as they came, this had been happening since the first pack of Putters light came into the market!

Over 14 years ago it started inthe community of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, now there is over 9 stop shops in our territory and is the mainstream on the comunities economic growth. every store with a carton of Candian Goose on the shelves ready for the day they will be purchase and consumed.

As a worker that worked in the industry for over ten years, you really become familiar with the products & their clients. Most likely have tested some of the products out over the years. Have a relaxed and easy going vibe, that has matsered the skill of being a socialist and can make small talk out of anything. For the most part the job of the sales clerk is friendly and stress free. Have excellent customer service skillls & know the products in the store well.

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