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This Flavoured Cigars Carton comes in Cartons of 40 Cigars. They aere the types of Cigars that are known for its rustic and natural appeal. These cigars areare made using all-natural tobacco leaves that are carfully rolledand wrapped in a rustic-looking tobacco leaf, giving them a unique & distinct appearance. Backwood cigarss are known for thier rich and bold flavor, often said to be tasting woody, earthy, with hints of sweetness. They are also popular for thier smooth and slow burn, allowing smokers to savour the flavors and enjoy a relaxing smoking exspirience. Backwood cigars have gained popularity amoung cigar enthusiats who apprrieciate the natural and authentic qualities of these hand-rolled cigars 

Backwoods Cigars

  • Please note all order are limited to 8 cartons per order 

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